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Meet the BarkBuds

What makes us so special? Find out!

What is a ‘BarkBud’?

We like to think of ourselves as more than dog walkers, but buddies for your furry family member!

High Tech Dog Walking

Part Robot… Part Human… Part Dog…We combine GPS technology and kindness to deliver dog happiness!

We LOVE Dogs

We have thousands of dog pins, binge-watch hours of cute dog vids, and drop everything when we see dogs.

The BarkBuds

We provide video biographies of your walker so you can get to know them immediately.

Sarah S.

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BarkBud Hana

Hana H.

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BarkBud Lauren Forbus

Lauren F.

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BarkBud Tameries

Tamires O.

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BarkBud Jon S.

Jonathan S.

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BarkBud Bill T.

Bill T.

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BarkBud Claire

Claire C.

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Meet New York City Dog Walker Barbara

Jailyn R.

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Geminelle R.

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BarkBud John

John R.

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BarkBud Dog Walker Amber

Amber D.

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BarkBud Dog Walker Anthony

Anthony F.

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Meet the Founders!

What makes us so special? Find out!

My name is Casey! I am a recent grad from the University of Kansas. I love dogs and business, so combining my two passions just made sense to me and I came up with BarkBud. My goal with BarkBud was total customer satisfaction, and using current day technology to improve the customers experience with walker video biographies, GPS tracking, after walk reports & pictures, easy online payments, and more. I want to take dog walking to a new level.

BarkBud Frank


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