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BarkBud’s Extensive Hiring Process

BarkBud is fully aware of how much people care about their dogs, so we’ve made it our duty to only hire the best dog walkers in the city. We do this by carefully vetting every dog walker that we work with. We ensure that our dog walkers are the best of the best!

Let us explain how:

Step 1: Selecting the best applications

The first step towards finding the best dog walkers is sifting through applications. Before we interview people, we want to know they meet and exceed your expectations.

A few of the initial requirements:

  • Experience: We look for a lifestyle of caring for dogs. This includes time spent as a dog walker, being a dog parent, working at shelters, being a groomer, running a doggy daycare, etc.

  • Motivations: We avoid hiring people that are just looking for a quick dollar. The people we select are passionate dog lovers and owners that want to be closer to dogs, and that actively build bonds and connect with dogs.

  • Formal education & training experience: We look for dog-whisperer types that know dogs, and can react to different situations that might arise. They should possess at least basic dog 101 skills and knowledge.

  • Communication: Starting with the application, we look for people that are put together, intelligent, exhibit an attention to detail, and are quick and reliable communicators.

  • Social media: We check social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn to make sure that this person is the caliber person we would trust with our own dogs.

Selecting the best applicants

Face to face interviews

Step 2: Interview

We interview to make sure that they are experienced, knowledgable, and passionate about dogs. We only select people we would trust in our homes with our pups. We take special care to make sure that they will give your dog their complete love and attention, and that they believe customer service is everything.

What we look for in the interviewee:

  • We look for enthusiastic, put together, passionate dog lovers first and foremost.

  • We cross-check and delve deeper into the information from their application to get a better picture and idea of what they did.

  • We ask information and situational questions to see how they would handle situations involving the dog becoming sick or ill, triggered and uncontrollable dogs, moral dilemmas, what they should and should not do, and much more. We want to make sure that your BarkBud is competent and able to handle whatever comes up, is trustworthy and dependable, and has you and your pups best interests in mind.

Step 3: Reference checked and thoroughly vetted

Before welcoming anyone to our team, we make sure they have gone through our vetting processes. Your dog is like your baby, and we make sure everyone coming into contact with them is trustworthy. We also check each potential dog walker’s references to make sure that others can vouch for their trustworthiness, work ethic, and customer service.

BarkBud Puppy

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Step 4: Certified & Trained

We make sure that the dog walkers entering your home and taking care of your furry family member are the best we can offer. The dog walkers that we hire have completed Basic Dog 101 & Dog First Aid Courses designed to prepare the walker for handling all dog types and behaviors as well as any issues that may occur on the walk.

Step 5: Interview with you

Even after all of these checks, the most important thing is that you and your pup feel 100% comfortable with your dog walker. You will get to personally interview your dog walker at a free meet and greet before committing to future dog walks.

Interview with you

5 star

The final step: Consistently rated highly by you

BarkBud walkers are rated by their customers and have to keep receiving top customer reviews in order to continue walking your dogs. This ensures that our dog walkers are always 100% accepted and esteemed by you. This also helps to improve our communication and relationships, as well as transparency and trust.


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